Dubai in January 2023; The ultimate guide to what's happening and where to go.

Published on : 19/ 01 /2023

The month of January is the best time to visit Dubai. It is the best time to spend time in this city and, in addition, the city holds a series of very special events that are a great attraction for its residents and visitors alike.

There is no doubt that January is the best month to visit Dubai due to its moderate temperatures and ideal climate for walking and exploring the city. The month also features a number of events that are specifically related to this month, including the famous Dubai Shopping Festival, as well as internationally recognized sports events such as the Dubai Marathon, the Dubai desert classic golf tournament, and the Dubai World Cup Carnival, a horse racing event.

Do not hesitate! January is the best month to visit Dubai. I recommend you read the best time to visit Dubai and you will be pleasantly surprised. You can also read the article on what to see and do in Dubai if you wish to know more about Dubai that isn't specific to this month.

1 Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival or Dubai Shopping Festival takes place in January and is a festival that attracts millions of visitors every year. Known under the acronym DSF, it offers multiple discounts and promotions of up to more than 70% on top brands, luxury goods and products of any category, becoming an attraction for shopping lovers.

This festival, which is spread throughout the city's malls, stores and souks, offers a variety of entertainment activities. It is not intended for a specific audience, but is aimed at all ages and tastes, as well as locals and tourists.

2. Dubai desert classic

Dubai desert classic

There is a sporting event of great relevance in the month of January, the Dubai desert classic, a golf competition of great recognition and international prestige. Usually coinciding with the last week of January, this men's golf tournament has a long history, having been held since 1989.

The Dubai desert classic brings to a close the Gulf Swing, the Middle East golf season, which is characterized by other major events such as the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship and the Qatar Masters. Even so, the most recognized event is this tournament held in Dubai at the end of January.

If you like golf, you cannot miss the Blacklight Minigolf 3D experience, an 18-hole 3D minigolf park where you will spend an unforgettable day with your family.

3. Dubai Marathon

Dubai Marathon

Another of the specific activities of the month of January is the Dubai Marathon. This competition that began in 2000 has thousands of runners and sponsors every year, so whether you are a lover of this sport or not, and your visit coincides with the month do not hesitate to see the date on which this meeting is held. It is a spectacle worth enjoying.

And if you wonder why it is done coinciding with this month. The answer is clear, the month of January is when the lowest temperatures are recorded, but by low we are referring to 22 - 24 ºC, so it is a magnificent average for the celebration of this event in which another time of the year would not be recommended by the high temperatures of the city.

4. Dubai world cup carnival

Dubai world cup carnival

Horses are another of the great passions of the Arab world and racing is a social event. Held since 1996, the Dubai World Cup Carnival takes place at an impressive racecourse, Meydan. It doesn't actually take place entirely in January, but opens in the month of January and runs through March. Two months of horse racing for lovers of the sport.

In addition, each of the days of the Dubai World Cup Carnival, there is a pop star concert, fireworks show or similar event. So those who are not so interested in the world of horses will also enjoy this event in style. Undoubtedly, a key date for the calendar of this city



Do you love water sports? You've come to the right place! Dubai International Marine Club's (DIMC) current UAE Aquabike Championship will wow spectators in January with its exhilarating watersports schedule. As experienced sportsmen ride jet skis on Dubai's beach, viewers can view the action from a distance.

6. Visit Dubai's beaches in January

Visit Dubai's beaches in January

Although in principle everyone may think that in January there is no ideal sun and beach destination, nothing could be further from the truth, Dubai is a perfect destination at this time of the year, as temperatures in these days are between 22 and 25 ° C so you can enjoy a wonderful day with warm temperatures without burning, because in the summer days in addition to the temperatures are very high the sun is scorching and burns a lot. In addition, the sea water in January still has an ideal temperature for swimming.

Undoubtedly, the beaches of Dubai are a true paradise. Some of the beaches you can visit on your trip are:

  • Kite Beach: It is an incomparable beach to enjoy water sports such as surfing, paddle surfing or kite surfing.
  • Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR): It is one of the most popular beaches in Dubai and is ideal for a family day out. In addition, on this beach you have the possibility to enjoy a camel ride. It has numerous facilities from restaurants and bars, through swimming pools and outdoor gyms, to courses of different water sports such as sailing or surfing.
  • Sunset Beach: It is a beach with a wonderful landscape and, undoubtedly, is one of the favorite beaches of those who live in Dubai.
  • Jumeirah Beach Park: This beach has numerous facilities and has many gardens and green areas ideal for unwinding.
  • Marina Beach: It is a beach with unique views, since from it you will see a numerous set of skyscrapers that contrast with the feeling of the beach landscape. You will feel like you are in a futuristic movie.